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How Athletes Benefit from Physical Therapy

Whether people are backyard badminton enthusiasts, weekend warriors, high school skiers, or professional athletes, they can benefit from physical therapy aurora co. Professional teams in just about every sport have had physical therapists as part of their medical staff for decades. Physical therapy (PT) allows athletes at every level to strengthen core muscles, enhance performance, remain flexible, and avoid common injuries associated with improper body mechanics.


Every athlete knows that stretching is important to warm up the body and improve the fluidity of movements. Many do not have a real sense of what stretching exercises are best prior to participating in their particular sport. A runner, for example, knows to stretch out the legs, but may neglect to stretch the torso. Those core muscles also need to be warmed up to ensure balance and stability.

Prevent Injuries

Athletes suffer from torn ligaments, sprained ankles, pulled shoulders, and lower back pain all the time. Many of those injuries can be prevented via proper body mechanics. The stance of a javelin thrower, the way a wrestler falls onto the mat, and the way a pitcher positions the arm can all play a part in an acute injury, a chronic pain, or stress fractures. Seeking an experienced center for Aurora physical therapy is wise to learn how to move to prevent an injury that could end participation in a sport that is enjoyed.

Enhancing Performance

The point of practice and participation in a sport is to get better at playing it. That is true if tossing a football to the kids, or throwing passes for the Patriots. All types of athletes push the boundaries of their personal limits to improve how they play the game. They want to be faster, stronger, improve reflexes, and perfect their aim.

Beginning the process of benefiting from physical therapy aurora co includes an assessment of current abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and physical health. A discussion with the therapist will help establish goals and desired outcomes. A personalized plan will then be devised to get the client from where she is to where she wants to be.

Performance will steadily improve as the plan is followed. Go to Aurora physical therapy for details regarding the facility, available fitness programs, and scheduling a consultation with a physical therapist. Go farther, get stronger, and push the limits of current athletic ability. Those in excellent physical conditions may only require a few sessions with a therapist, and then occasional follow up sessions periodically. People with a sedentary lifestyle will want to plan on regular sessions for a month or so, along with follow up sessions.